MM27 Golf Together

Following the postponement of the inaugural McFadden’s Movement Celebrity Charity Classic to July 2021, the Movement is excited to introduce the MM27 Golf Together event, presented by Skyjack. Between July 25-27, MM27 is encouraging golfers to get out on any course of their choice, and just by donating $27.00 to the Movement and providing a submission of their scorecard, golfers will have the chance to win $1,000 cash prize and more!

All proceeds from the MM27 Golf Together event is in support of mental health resources, including WES for Youth Online and the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo-Wellington branch.

MM27 recognizes the importance of coming together and supporting mental health resources, especially now more than ever, and is immensely grateful for everyone who continues to support us in this goal. A special thank-you is extended to Skyjack and their management team who with their unwavering support, made the MM27 Golf Together event possible and continues to contribute significantly overall to the success of McFadden’s Movement.


  1. Register for the event below.
  2. Donate $27.00 to McFadden’s Movement here. Please include “MM27 GOLF TOGETHER” in the message and/or note section.
  3. Pick a course of your choice and golf a round between July 25-27. Golfers are encouraged to share pictures on social media, tagging McFadden’s Movement and using the hashtag #MM27GolfTogether.
  4. Submit your golf scorecard to Please ensure the email subject includes your last name, for example: SMITH – MM27 GOLF TOGETHER.
  5. Registration, the donation, and the golf scorecard MUST all be submitted before midnight on July 28th at the latest.
  6. Congratulations! You have now entered to win $1,000 cash prize and more!


Note: Registration is not complete until payment is provided here. Once you complete your round of golf, you will also need to submit your golf scorecard to

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