MM27 Ambassador of the Game: Taylor Bowman

On Friday, October 20th, McFadden’s Movement hosted Taylor Bowman as the MM27 Ambassador of the Game. 

Taylor, a ringette player, lover of sports, and high school student at Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute, is also a member of the regional YouthTALK team. 

YouthTALK – a program created by the Canadian Mental Health Association — supports youth to create and deliver peer-led projects that address the myths and realities of suicide and mental health concerns, promote resiliency and healthy coping, and provide useful information about local resources. These projects allow students to develop leadership skills and create meaningful connections with their peers to raise awareness and increase coping skills. (via CMHA Waterloo-Wellington)

Part of the program involves In-School Teams, created in partnership with the Upper Grand District School Board and Wellington Catholic District School Board. These high school teams focus on raising awareness around mental health and suicide prevention. Using a peer-lead approach, these teams run projects throughout the year that they feel will engage their peers. The projects can range from small activities run over the lunch hour to large assemblies, or in-school conferences that run over a period or an entire day. To see more on YouthTALK and In-School teams, click here.

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