MM27 Ambassador of the Game: Lucas Stuart

On Friday, December 15th, McFadden’s Movement was proud to welcome Lucas Stuart as the MM27 Ambassador of the Game. As the Guelph Storm downed the Kingston Frontenacs 5-4, Lucas improved to a perfect 9-0 record while in attendance at Storm games this season – a record he’s quite proud of when it comes down to what the team has done for him, said parents Mike and Lisa Stuart. 

11-year-old Lucas is autistic and has ADHD – he was a kid that never wanted to watch hockey or sports in general, and never gave much of his attention to anything before the 2013-14 season when he saw the Storm play live for the first time. 

“The players brought him out of his shell,” Lucas’ mom, Lisa, shared. “It was the first time he really connected to anything… it was the first time he ‘loved’ something.” 
“They did score 14 goals,” Mike, Lucas’ dad, added laughing. “So that made it easy.” 

Through connecting with the players and the team, Lucas has found his outlet in the Storm, giving him the opportunity to go beyond his day-to-day challenges, and become a part of something. 

“He connected with them,” Lisa emphasized. “They brought him out.” 

Lucas has been to other hockey games, his parents recalled, including his cousin playing, but that wasn’t nearly the same. 

“It’s the Storm players who inspire that, and inspire him,” Lisa said. “You never expect them to remember his name and who he is, but they do and that means everything to him,” 

“Every guy that he’s dealt with on this team has always been awesome to him,” Mike added. “It’s hard for him to be socially involved but they do that for him.” 

Moving forward, Lucas looks to stay undefeated while watching his favourite team play at the Sleeman Centre, while also hoping to play for the Guelph Giants next year. 

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