MM27 Ambassadors Ratcliffe, Schnarr & Hawel donate over $1,900 with #BellLetsTalk campaign

McFadden’s Movement is honoured and proud to receive $1922.00 from MM27 Ambassadors Isaac Ratcliffe, Nate Schnarr, and Liam Hawel following a social media campaign this past #BellLetsTalk day on January 30th.

Ahead of the annual #BellLetsTalk day which sees millions of dollars raised for mental health, Ratcliffe, Schnarr, and Hawel all posted a photo on January 29th donning MM27 gear, each pledging 0.25 cents per like on their respective posts towards the Movement. 

Quickly exploding, Ratcliffe reached his donation goal in a matter of a few hours – before #BellLetsTalk even began – seeing the Guelph Storm captain generously donating $1,157.50. 

Schnarr’s amazing donation covered 1658 likes reached through #BellLetsTalk day, totalling $414.50 towards the Movement. 

Hawel rounded out the three donations with a generous $350.00, covering 1400 likes hit throughout the campaign.

McFadden’s Movement extends a huge thanks to all three Ambassadors for their never ending support, not only through the incredible and immensely appreciated monetary donations that will make the biggest of difference to mental health resources, but for also making MM27’s efforts in mental health awareness possible, and keeping the Movement going in the city of Guelph and beyond.

Connect with the Movement on Twitter, Facebook, and on Instagram.

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