McFadden’s Movement launches MM27 Ambassadors program

Heading into its second year, McFadden’s Movement is proud to announce the addition of the MM27 Ambassadors program, with the support of The Co-operators. 

The program will feature various elite-level and professional athletes leading the program, including fellow Guelph Storm teammates of Garrett McFadden, other Ontario Hockey League players, and other professional athletes. 

The Movement will announce the MM27 Ambassador leaders in the weeks to come, encouraging others to become an Ambassador as well by sharing their story with McFadden’s Movement via our website. Whether you have been personally affected by mental health yourself, through a family member or a friend, or you or someone you know is making a difference for mental health in the community, the Movement wants to hear about it! 

Starting the week of September 18th, the Movement will recognize a submission as the MM27 Ambassador of the week on our website, our social media outlets, in addition to bringing the Ambassador out to a Storm game with two complimentary tickets. 

This program was made by possible through the help of The Co-operators David Bruce and Associates in Guelph, and The Co-operators Advisor Community Fund (which the organization supplements donations its advisors make in their local communities), who provided $1300.00 in funding. David Bruce and Associates and The Co-operators are known for their community involvement and support for local initiatives that make communities across Canada more vibrant, healthy, and sustainable. 

“I am pleased to support the MM27 Ambassadors Program. The work this organization does helps to make our community safe, more vibrant, and resilient,” David Bruce offered. 

Connect with the Movement on Twitter, Facebook, and on Instagram.

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