MM27 Ambassador of the Game: Aaron Schlosser

The MM27 Ambassadors program officially began on Friday, September 22, with Aaron Schlosser as the first MM27 Ambassador of the Game. 

Aaron, who quit playing hockey halfway through the 2016-17 season due to struggles on and off the ice, originally shared his story with Garrett McFadden and the Movement following a Guelph Storm game last season. 

Now months later, the Movement brought Aaron back to the Sleeman Centre for the Storm’s 2017-18 Season Opener as the Ambassador of the Game, where he reconnected with Garrett and shared that he’s back on the ice playing hockey again this year. 

Before coming out to the game, Aaron created a video to tell his story as an Ambassador, offering not only the challenges he faced last season, but also what mental health means to him. 

“When people have a positive energy towards themselves and others, they can really motivate people and move people to do certain things,” Aaron said. “Last year, I was having difficulties motivating myself to play hockey and to continue doing what I liked before, but when I went to see Garrett, he motivated me and really helped me to motivate myself to play again.” 

The Movement would also like to thank Aaron for his donation that was made possible through his generosity in asking for monetary donations in lieu of birthday gifts. We appreciate the support, Aaron! 

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