MM27 Ambassador of the Game: Teasha Hurdle

On Friday, November 10th, McFadden’s Movement hosted Teasha Hurdle as the MM27 Ambassador of the Game. 

A grade 11 student at Guelph Centennial Vocational Institute (GCVI), Teasha opened up about her own struggles with mental illness, openly discussing her personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and eating disorders, without forgetting the good that the conversation around mental health has brought to her life, including her best friend. 

“I grew up with a bad home life, but now I’m living with my best friend – it’s like Hannah Montana!” Teasha offered, adding that a class specifically dedicated to students with anxiety at GCVI is where she made the friendship. “I wouldn’t change a thing about my life, even the bad, because it made me who I am today.” 

Stepping up as a strong advocate, including holding the co-chair position of a mental health awareness group at GCVI called “Open Door, Open Minds,” Teasha has helped run initiatives during mental health week, presenting to Willow Road Public School on the importance of mental health, helping to better inform teachers on how to help students with anxiety, along with many other things in the works. 

“I want to raise awareness and decrease stigma so no one has to go through it alone,” Teasha said. “If we do that, people won’t be afraid to get help.” 

“Mental health matters because no matter where you are in your life, even at your darkest times, you have a chance and you can get through it,” Teasha continued. 

Looking ahead, Teasha has her eyes set on using her career to make a difference, setting the goal of attaining a Masters in Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University, while hoping to be an Eating Disorders Therapist in the end.  

“I want to help others because I know how tough living with a mental illness is, but how despite that, life gets better and happiness is possible.” 

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