MM27 Ambassador of the Game: Megan Armstrong

On Friday, February 16th, McFadden’s Movement welcomed Megan Armstrong as the MM27 Ambassador of the Game. 

Megan — a Guelph, Ontario resident since she was six-years-old, and a big Guelph Storm fan — was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder at a young age, and offered that mental health has played a huge role in her entire life. 

“I felt a lot of shame and embarrassment,” Megan shared. “I felt alone — it felt like people didn’t understand that these weren’t the ‘normal’ anxiety and sadness people felt everyday… these were extremes.” 

Megan explained that as she got older, the more impact her mental health continued to have, eventually developing into depression and an eating disorder. 

“Again, I felt a lot of shame,” Megan continued, adding that mental health was not as talked about, or accepted, as it has been in recent years. “Friends, coworkers, and employers had a hard time understanding what I was going through.” 

“I had a hard time dealing with the emotions, and the impact it all had on my life,” she said. “Everything I once loved to do, became difficult.” 

Megan shared that it took her awhile to finally reach out for help, and that it wasn’t until things became very serious. 

“I had to rediscover who I was, and what I loved and enjoyed to do,” Megan explained. “I still work at my self care everyday, and find that a lot of people lack proper self care. Finding positive coping methods and positive ways to deal with trauma, anxieties, and every day stresses.” 

Megan’s family was incredibly supportive, she shared, helping her find the proper programs and outlets that she needed, leading her to the Canadian Mental Health Association. 

“The [CMHA] was a huge role in my recovery,” Megan said. “I owe them my life.” 

Now, Megan strives to make sure no one feels alone, or lost when they are affected. 

“It’s important to continue this discussion, and help others reach out,” she offered. “No one should have to feel alone, or ashamed of struggling.” 

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