MM27 Ambassador of the Game: Austin Hill

On Friday, February 23rd, McFadden’s Movement proudly hosted five-year-old Austin Hill as the MM27 Ambassador of the Game. 

Earlier this year as the academic year started, Austin changed schools to become a student at Ken Danby Public School. 

“[It’s] a hard transition to change schools when you’re just five-years-old,” Mary-Kathryn Barbier, a kindergarten teacher at Ken Danby P.S., said of her student. “He has integrated into our classroom and school community extremely well; it has felt since day one that Austin was supposed to be here.” 

Arguably an act of fate, as earlier in the week on February 21st, Guelph Storm players brought their Champions for Education program to Ken Danby’s student body, with Austin getting the chance to listen to a book read by the Storm’s Nate Schnarr with his class. The visit eventually led to Austin becoming the MM27 Ambassador of the Game this past Friday. 

A huge lover of all things sports, Austin wasted no time getting active following Friday’s game versus the Owen Sound Attack, jumping into a mini-stick game with Schnarr, who is also a fellow MM27 Ambassador, at the end of the night. 

“From a very young age – as soon as Austin could hold a ball – he has loved sports,” Amelia Hill, Austin’s mom, shared, adding that her son is already playing basketball, and is actively taking skating and swimming lessons, with t-ball and soccer lined up for the summer. “He has a real passion for it — we currently have nets set up in our basement that he practices on every day with his mini sticks.” 

Paired with his love of sports comes one of the Storm’s biggest fans. 

“Austin is clearly a Storm fan – he wears his Storm gear with great pride, showing off his clothing and team buttons,” Barbier offered of her student. “There isn’t a time when Austin has been at a game that we don’t hear about it.” 

With his love for sports and the Storm, Austin’s kind heart stands out just the same. 

“Austin embodies our class promise — ‘When we care about each other and our classroom, we treat each other and our things with respect… This is who we are, even when no one is watching’,” Barbier explained. “Just today, a younger student needed help, and Austin politely interrupted the students saying he could help. He is well liked in our classroom, and a friend to everyone.”

For Austin’s mom, seeing Austin recognized as a MM27 Ambassador is all about encouraging her son’s willingness to be the difference – even at such a young age. 

“It warms my heart to see somebody as young as Garrett take such an interest in wanting to improve how the world sees it,” Amelia said. “Austin is a very kind hearted, caring, and loving boy, and he absolutely loves hockey!” 

“Our hope as parents, is that someday, he can have the same positive influence on his community as Garrett. He certainly is a role model that any child would be lucky to have.” 

McFadden’s Movement would like to thank Austin and his parents for the $100.00 donation on behalf of Amelia Hill’s employer. 

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