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McFadden’s Movement is proud to partner with The Goalie Guild, a nonprofit foundation that educates, inspires, and supports hockey goalies and goalie coaches across the globe, through the Lift the Mask initiative.

Lift the Mask is dedicated to providing mental health support for the goaltending community through raising awareness by connecting goalies in need with mental health care providers and by offering financial aid for those seeking professional help.


Lift the Mask is a program that strives to remove the financial barriers associated with mental health therapy, helping to cover the cost of an individual’s first consultation, chat, or meeting with a trained provider, up to $100 USD. Goalies in need can reach out at any time by submitting a short and simple form at: LIFTTHEMASK.COM/REACHOUT

Standing as the MM27 Lift the Mask Ambassador is goaltender Anthony Popovich. Between the pipes, Popovich is an Ontario Hockey League (OHL) veteran currently in his final major junior season with the Flint Firebirds following three seasons capped off with an OHL Championship in 2019 with the Guelph Storm.

Off the ice, the Belleville, Ontario native has always been a mental health advocate, while a subtle, yet strong example of what it means to be a genuine teammate, and overall person without his mask.

“I think that’s important to me just ’cause there’s some goalies out there – even with me in the past, that there’s been times where I’ve been struggling in the game just ’cause my mind’s not in it and sometimes that can affect you long term,” Popovich offered on the specific significance of mental health as a goaltender. “I think just getting help as soon as you can, can really help your game and your life in general.”

“Off the ice, just being a good teammate – if you’re not there mentally, some of the guys are gonna take notice and it can start to rub off on some of the guys, so it’s really important,” Popovich added.

The 1999-born netminder, a teammate of Garrett McFadden’s for two seasons in Guelph, has supported McFadden’s Movement from the start, making the official move to the MM27 Lift the Mask Ambassador a natural choice.

“We’re very excited to have Pop lead the way for our new partnership with The Goalie Guild and Lift the Mask in ensuring all goalies get the help they need,” McFadden said of Popovich. “He has always been an awesome supporter when it comes to the Movement and now having him as part of the team gives us another great role model for young athletes to look up to.”

For Popovich, stepping up as an Ambassador, and simply being an advocate in general, is – and has always been about – about awareness.

“MM27 has been important to me just ’cause I’ve seen what Garrett has done over the past few years and I was really excited when I got the chance to join the Movement,” Popovich shared. “It’s always good to keep spreading awareness and Garrett has done a great job with his team on doing that.”

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Lift the Mask is dedicated to providing mental health and performance support for the entire goaltending community by connecting individuals in need with professional sport psychologists, trainers and mentors.

Lift the Mask offers financial support (up to $100 USD per individual/case) in order to help eliminate some of the social and economic barriers weighing down our community. We use The Goalie Guild’s website and social media platforms as a safe space for everyone to tell stories and get involved in mental health awareness. Over time, we aim to end the stigmas that goalies are “weird” or should be left alone.

Click here for more information on Lift the Mask.


The Goalie Guild is a nonprofit (501-c3) foundation that educates, inspires, and supports hockey goalies and goalie coaches across the globe. Through our annual scholarships, books, symposiums, and creative learning projects, we advocate holistic development of the body, mind, and spirit in order to advance and enhance the goaltending community.

The Goalie Guild supports the hockey community by offering annual educational scholarships to underprivileged goalies and goalie coaches. These scholarships are funded by our nonprofit foundation, sponsors, partners, and patrons just like you. Click here to learn more about our training and coaching scholarships.

Since 2009, The Goalie Guild has been dedicated to supporting goalies of all ages. From newcomers and beginners to some of the top prospects in the United States and Europe, we have been a trusted source for guiding, mentoring, and educating thousands of goalies, both on and off the ice. Our extensive network includes current and former NHL players, coaches, scouts, trainers, and experts, which allows us to provide you with a plethora of resources for your goaltending journey. Whether you want video analysis on your technique or you’re dealing with a more personal matter, we’re here to help you develop holistically and with integrity.

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